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Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems

A modern day kitchen is capable enough of creating the sweetest, spiciest, and juiciest of foods and drinks. But a single negligence is enough to turn that into a bitter experience. Whether you are a food connoisseur running a street-side restaurant or a businessman looking to expand your hotel chain overseas, you should consider installing high quality fire suppression systems.

Dousing a kitchen fire is very different from extinguishing a fire due to a short circuit. A kitchen fire occurs due to a mixture of oil and grease, which is why, soaking the area with water will only propagate it further. This is where leading brands such as ANSUL come to your rescue. They provide commercial fire suppression systems that provide fire protection in hoods and ducts of cooking appliances. Also, they provide advanced fire extinguishing agents that absorb the heat from the oil and form a blanket, which cuts the supply of oxygen thereby extinguishing the fire completely. Moreover, as an extra safety feature, if the fire spreads uncontrollably to other areas, the system shuts down other appliances on system actuation.

We are proud to announce that ANSUL restaurant systems are the leaders in this domain since 1962. Their constant research and development in fire suppression systems has helped them gain the No.1 spot in foodservice fire protection solutions in the world.

Group Companies like Marriott, Hyatt, Accor , Taj, ITC and Radisson entirely trust us as far as their fire protection systems are concerned.

  • ANSUL R-102 Fire Suppression Systems

    ANSUL products are admired for saving more food service kitchens from fire than any other brand. The R&D department has acquired praise for making an extremely effective ANSULEX Low pH liquid agent that subsides flames and drains off heat. In the meantime, it generates a layer of vapor that forms a blanket and helps prevent re-flash. The R-102 system is available in two different forms. The first form, appliance specific is built to extinguish fire in the specific hazard areas of each appliance through a nozzle. But what if an array of kitchen utensils or appliances catch fire? In that case, the second form, the overlap design comes into play. Here the nozzles are arranged in such a manner that they provide a “fire-free zone” throughout a group of appliances.

    This system has been specially designed for protecting commercial kitchens in fast food chains, retail food courts, mobile food trucks, convenience stores, and large hotels.

    Once you decide to install the R-102 fire suppression system at your workplace, we will send our consultants to survey your premises and chart out a fire protection plan suitable as per your needs.

    Industry leaders like Honeywell Automation India, Nestle R&D Center India, Grand Hyatt, and Taj Vivanta trust us with their fire protection systems.

    Global Approvals

    The system is UL/ULC listed; CE marked; COA, LPCB, TFRI, MED, DNV, ABS, KFI, and Lloyd’s Register approved and meets NFPA 96 and NFPA 17A requirements.

  • ANSUL PIRANHA Fire suppression system

    Are you looking out for a one-stop solution to safeguard your kitchen premises? If yes, you will be thrilled to know about ANSUS PIRANHA Fire suppression system. This system has been tested across various parameters and conditions and the results are stunning. As compared to other traditional single-agent systems, ANSUL PIRANHA fire suppression system provides twice the coverage, is 15 times faster in drawing off heat from cooking oils, requires a smaller agent storage tank and needs only 40% of chemical agent as compared to traditional single agent systems.

    This is a dual agent restaurant fire suppression system that consists of two extinguishing agents namely, fast flame knockdown and a mixture of wet chemical and water. This system is ideal for providing fire protection to fast food chains, culinary schools, sports complexes, stadiums and 4 and 5-star lodging facilities.

    Once you decide to install the ANSUS PIRANHA fire suppression system at your kitchen, we will send our consultants to survey your premises and chart out a fire protection plan suitable as per your needs.

    MSR Hotel, KFC Restaurant, Radisson Blue Resort, LG Electronics etc. are our clients who have consistently praised our steel doors and continue to seek our services.

    Global Approvals

    UL, ULC, ASSE, LPCB, IAMPO and CE approved or listed.

  • SAPPHIRE Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

    SAPPHIRE clean agent systems contain 3M™ Novec™ 1230 fire protection fluid, an effective fire suppressant designed for special hazard, high value applications. This environment-friendly halocarbon liquid is a replacement for halon, and serves as an alternative to HFCs, HCFCs and PFC.

    Control rooms are at the center of operations in many industries. These spaces typically house transformers, motors, switch gears, and other electronic devices for controlling various types of equipment. Due to the deployment of complex machinery and costly electronic equipment, there is always a fear of defects and failures. On the bright side it can just be an operational breakdown that can be rectified by replacing the equipment. But sometimes it can turn to be nasty. In such cases you need a reliable fire protection solution to help maximize operational uptime and safeguard valuable processes.

    SAPPHIRE® PLUS 70-Bar System

    Traditionally, SAPPHIRE Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems boast a proven record for protecting people, the environment and high value assets. Next generation SAPPHIRE PLUS 70-Bar Systems offer additional benefits.

    Both systems are custom engineered to quickly suppress fires in occupied areas without causing harm and where clean-up of other agents may pose a problem. SAPPHIRE PLUS systems help reduce the footprint, installation cost and service time by offering higher fill densities to reduce the number of containers. The increased pressure also permits the containers to be located much further from the protected space and increases the ability to introduce selector valves to protect multiple hazards from a single container bank. Additionally, pipe sizes may be reduced, thereby increasing the economy and design flexibility.

    Once you decide to install the SAPPHIRE Clean Agent Fire Suppression System, be it a data processing center, tape storage vault, combat vehicle, marine engine rooms, cellular site, switching center, etc. We will send our consultants to survey your premises and chart out a fire protection plan suitable as per your needs.

    Some of our notable clients are Advantage technologies Pvt. Ltd., Ashtech Infotech Pvt. Ltd., JW Mariott, Shell India to name a few.