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Fire Curtain System

One of the most important constituents of a full-fledged fire structure is a fire curtain system. Fire curtains come into action as soon as a fire alarm or sensor rings. They descend from the ceiling to block an opening and stop the fire and smoke from entering in to one fire zone to another fire zone. When not in use, they increase the aesthetic quotient of your doors, shutters, partitions, and sprinklers.

At Ardor, adhering to our principle of supplying only the best material, we ensure that our products are set a notch higher than the industry standard. This is why our fire curtain systems provide 4 hours of fire containment compared to an industry standard of 3 hours. Also, they are suspended on a single barrel that are up to 6 meters wide and 8 meters high and are automatically linked to the fire alarm system. Moreover, our fire curtain systems come with an added advantage of working exceptionally well even in the case of total power failure.