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About Ardor

Fire resisting compartmentation systems are created to contain the spread of smoke and fire across a particular compartment within a building.

But is this enough?

Every building has few cavities that lie hidden either beneath the floor, across the surface of windows, somewhere in the ceiling, or at the junction of fire resisting walls and floor. This may happen owing to a number of reasons including gaps left for structural improvement and sometimes due to sheer negligence. If such gaps are not filled within time, they can wreak havoc.

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Our Products

Door System

Fire can be both a boon or a bane. It can either illuminate your path or burn you down to ashes. So why wait for it to wreak havoc in your life and business?

As a wise man once said ‘Precaution is better than cure’. And we at Ardor do just that! All our fire doors are tried and tested for acting as a safety vault against huge fires.

Ardor fire-door systems, specially customized for commercial and residential areas, contain all the vital safety features that form the difference between life and death. We have a huge array of specialist fire-doors systems, in both wooden and steel types that are built to withstand roaring fires for as long as possible.


Sunil Jain

My shop is surrounded by restaurants. Getting Ardor safety devices such as fire-resistant curtains and fire-resistant doors makes me and my staff feel secure. An accident can happen any time, but we are prepared to face any crisis, thanks to all the precautions we have taken.

Prasad Shetty

I am a restaurant owner. I have installed ANSUL fire safety system in the kitchen provided by Ardor Fire & Safety Systems. This fire fighting system is extremely efficient. It keeps my customers and my investment safe.

Saloni Shiradker

Protecting high-value digital assets like out company server from fire is always a challenge. Until Ardor installed ANSUL’s SAPPHIRE clean agent server safety system. This agent not only extinguishes the hazardous fire but also keeps our valuable data safe. This is a very comprehensive system installed and maintained by Ardor Fire & Safety Systems.

Kinchit Shah

Working in real estate development we know the importance of following safety compliances. Under the current compliances, all buildings need robust fire-resistant doors and stairwells. Ardor Fire & Safety Systems have been primary and trusted supplier for these safety doors. These doors keep our customers safe and help us win their trust.