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Fire Stopping System

Fire resisting partition systems are created to contain the spread of smoke and fire across a particular compartment within a building.

But is this enough?

Every building has few cavities that lie hidden either beneath the floor, across the surface of windows, somewhere in the ceiling, or at the junction of fire resisting walls and floor. This may happen owing to a number of reasons including gaps left for structural improvement and sometimes due to sheer negligence. If such gaps are not filled within time, they can wreak havoc.

We at Ardor possess years of expertise in providing optimum solution for such scenarios. Moreover, our tie-up with PROMAT, a global leader in the dynamic business of sophisticated fire science technologies, provides a testament to our commitment to always provide superior quality to our clients.

Our loyal clients include Hiranandani Developers, Rustomjee, Godrej Properties that are happy with our products and continue to seek our services in the future.

  • Promaseal Bulk Head System

    One of the most trusted products for Ardor, Promaseal Bulkhead System, stays affixed at its place and creates a formidable shield, thereby blocking the spread of fire. It is made up of high density mineral wool and coated with fire resistance ablative coating that creates a barrier against fire. It has undergone several trial runs as per AS 1530: Part 4 and BS 476: Part 20 under numerous conditions and has successfully blocked the spread of fire for up to 2 hours. Moreover, it can be installed either on the wall or the floor easily.

    Mumbai Metro, Bank of Inida is one of our major clients who is happy with our services.

  • Promastop Cement System

    Corporate complexes are full of concrete, be it walls, floors or ceilings. So we thought why not to make good use of something that is overabundant. This is why we came up with a revolutionary product, Promastop Cement system.

    This system consists of a fire resistant, light weight cement which is supplied as a pre-mixed dry powder, which combines with water and provides up to 4 hours of a formidable barrier against fire. Also, the system appears white in color that makes it easily identifiable from a distance. Promastop Cement is fire tested to BS 476: Part 20 and AS 1530: Part 4 with reference to prEN 1366:Part 3:1999.

    At Ardor, we not only take care of the quality of our products but also ensure ease of installation. Adhering to this philosophy, the Promastop Cement system is very easy to install across masonry or concrete block walls and concrete floors.

    Indian Fil Combaine – Maker Mexity, Rustomjee and Hiranandani are one of our very loyal customers who trusts us for enhancing its fire protection systems.

  • Promaseal Acrylic Intumescent Sealant

    Promaseal Acrylic Intumescent Sealant provides the required sealing of joints and crevices to contain the fire. These are Acrylic based materials with excellent adhesive properties that forms a non-hardening, tack-free seal, which prevents the passage of smoke, toxic gases and fire. It provides 100% fire protection for 4 hours FRL when tested to AS 1530: Part 4, AS 4072: Part 1 and BS 476: Part 20. The sealant is specially made and has been tried and tested numerous times on concrete, calcium silicate board, dust free masonry, plasterboard, metal and cable coverings.