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Glass is usually the weakest point in any building or vehicle, from a safety and security point of view. It's the easiest way for an intruder to break through. In an automobile accident, it shatters, and the fragments can cause serious injury. That's why we have developed the XDS Glass Protection System (GPS). Based on a revolutionary proprietary process, it first strengthens glass up to 400% and then keeps it intact in its frame, even if the impact or force is big enough to break it. All of which makes the glass practically impenetrable.

This proprietary system uses two specially formulated high temperature chemicals, XDS GPS9 and Acryl-X which together with a Mylar film convert ordinary glass in to strong safety glass. The system has been tested extensively to international and Indian standards. It has been used for government, military and commercial applications around the world. It is the only system that can actually strengthen glass itself either before or after installation in its frame. Environmentally friendly, it also reduces energy costs and prevents fading of furniture, carpets and vehicle interiors. It can be used in buildings, vehicles and for many other glass applications.


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