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  Fire rated partitions  

Depending upon its situation and function within a building, a wall may be expected to fulfill different requirements in the event of fire. Most fire rated walls used to separate buildings, enclose compartments and contain fire, will be required to provide a barrier to the passage of fire from one side or the other and must therefore be able to satisfy each of the relevant criteria (integrity, insulation and if the wall is loadbearing - loadbearing capacity) from either side for the prescribed period. The partitions can provide up to 6 hours of Integrity and Insulation, constructed from Matrix engineered boards of PROMAT, are tested as per BS: 476 part 22 and DIN 4102.



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  Fire Rated Ceilings  

Fire rated ceiling provide horizontal barriers against fire tested and approved in accordance with the relevant criteria of BS 476: Part 22. It provides fire rated barriers which are resistant to fire from above or below. The system design will depend on the performance requirements but normally comprises of Promat Make Matrix Mineral Engineered boards secured to a framework of steel tees, angles or channels. Fire rated ceiling systems are also available to protect the steel beams as per BS 476: Part 23..


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